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Vision for Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia

'By the year 2020, Malaysia is to be a nation of healthy individuals, families and communities, through a health system that is equitable, affordable, efficient, technological-appropriate, environmentally-adaptable and consumer- friendly, with emphasis on quality, innovation, health promotion and respect for human dignity and which promotes individual responsibility and community participation towards an enhanced quality life"

Mission of Oral Health Division 

To enhance the quality of life for the population through the promotion of oral health with emphasis on patient-centred care and the building of partnerships for health.

Objective of Oral Health Division

To improve the oral health status of the population through the provision of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative oral health services with special emphasis given to identified priority groups primary school children, secondary school children, pre- school children, ante-natal mothers, the socially-, physically- and economically-disadvantaged, as well as the elderly.


Objective of Oral Health Service, Sarawak

To raise the oral health status of the population through the provision of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative oral health services. Priority is given to: (a) school children, (b) pre-school children, (c) antenatal mothers, (d) government officers and (e) the general public.



1. Fluoridation of water supplies to reduce dental caries.

2. Use of fissure sealant to prevent dental caries.

3. Intensive oral health promotion. 

4. Incremental oral health care for school children and kindergarten children.

5. Systematic oral health care for antenatal mothers.

6. Outpatient oral health service at all main dental clinics.

7. Oral rehabilitation through orthodontic intervention and prosthesis.

8. Smart partnerships with relevant agencies


Ulangtahun ke 6 Pinnacle 2010 di Bintulu, 18 Julai 2008

  Anugerah Dendrobium - Johan : KP SJKC Su Lai

                                                    - Ketiga : KP SJKC Dung Sang

                                                      - Keempat : KP SJKC Yee Ting


                Anugerah Acropygus   -  Johan : Klinik Pergigian Pakar


                          Anugerah Eureka          - Naib Johan : Klinik Pergigian Pakar

                                                                - Saguhati : Klinik Pergigian Lanang


Anugerah Viridian        - Pn Irene Corina Siyu





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