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Pinnacle 2010
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A 10-year master plan of Oral Health Division, Sarawak Health Department to fast-track the improvement of oral health status of people in Sarawak.

Aims of Pinnacle 2010

  1. To fast-track the improvement of oral health status of the peoples in Sarawak, especially the school children, such that their oral health should be amongst the BEST in the country by the year 2010. 
  2. To mould an exemplary work force

Four impact goals to measure the success of Pinnacle 2010

Goal 1

That 30% of the 6-year-olds  will have caries-free mouths (DMFT = 0 and dft = 0) by 2010

Goal 2

That 100% of the 6-year-olds  will have caries-free permanent teeth (DMFT = 0) by 2010

Goal 3

That the mean DMFT of the 12-year-olds shall be 1 or less (DMFT <  1 ) by 2010

Goal 4

That 85% of the 16-year-olds  shall have healthy periodontium by 2010

The 13 Areas Of Concern

  1. Oral health care for pre-school children 
  2. Oral health care for primary school children
  3. Oral health care for secondary school children
  4. Oral health care for ante-natal mothers
  5. Oral health care for public
  6. Specialist oral health care and speciality development
  7. Physical facility development
  8. Water fluoridation programme
  9. Human Resource Development
  10. Research and Quality Initiative Development
  11. Intersectoral Collaboration
  12. Rites and Rituals
  13. ICT development


Main Theme Pinnacle 2010: A Better Tomorrow for All

Annual Theme
2002 Change: Crucible for making things happen
2003 Pinnacle 2010: A better tomorrow for all
2004 Working together works
2005 People: Raison d'tre Organisational Excellence
2006 Effective Communication: Lifeblood of an Organisation
2007 Our Customer Our Future
2008 Kaizen Through Innovativeness
2009 & 2010 Everything Matters , Everyone Matters

Photo Gallery

Launching of Pinnacle 2010, 27 July 2002

1st Anniversary Celebration, Miri

2nd Anniversary Celebration, Sibu

3rd Anniversary Celebration, Sarikei

4th Anniversary Celebration, Mukah

5th Anniversary Celebration in Sri Aman

6th Anniversary Celebration in Bintulu


Lyric of "PINNACLE 2010" song

Wahai warga pergigian Sarawak
Semangat kepasukanan dan setiakawan
Hadapi cabaran dengan tekad dan azam
Sampai ke puncak kecemerlangan
Dari bandar hingga ke pedalaman
Berusaha ke arah perubahan
Kesihatan mulut yang diutamakan
Tercapai matlamat wawasan kita
Chorus:  1. Pinnacle 2010   2X
We are moving forward
We are all striving forward
A better tomorrow for all
Ke arah kelestarian mulut sepanjang hayat
Kesihatan mulut untuk semua
Four goals are set in year 2010 to achieve
Yes, will be the best
Chorus:  1. Pinnacle 2010    2X
We are moving forward
We are all striving forward
A better tomorrow for all
                2. Pinnacle 2010   2X
To make a reality
Great Vision 2010
Pinnacle 2010
Yes, Sarawak Boleh ......!
Instrumental ......
Chorus: Repeat Chorus 1 & 2
Pinnacle 2010  3X
Pinnacle 2010  3X
Berjaya ......!


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